Keeping Our Resolutions

By Hayhoe Team
January 14, 2019

Did you hear the joke “A New Year’s resolution is something that goes in one year and out the other”?

We are now two weeks into 2019 and it is time to take stock in how we are doing.

We start off with such gusto and determination. I am going to finally lose that extra 20 pounds.  I am going to hit the gym 3 times a week. Only one overpriced latte per month from Starbucks!

The first 2 to 3 weeks go by and we are diligent with our goal, we set our alarm and are up early hitting the gym before work. We say no to desserts and second helpings. We drive by Starbucks without a backward glance.

But then comes February. Winter is getting long in the tooth. Spring seems forever away, and our bed seems so warm in the morning. We hit the snooze button one more time. We struggle to say no to the office treats someone brought in and we look longingly at Starbucks as we drive by thinking I could use a nice little treat right now.

Why is it so HARD so keep those resolutions we made with such gusto only a month ago?!?

Studies show that the vast majority of us fail at keeping our resolutions each year. What can we do about it?

I would suggest 2 things.

  1. Find an accountability partner. If you try to do this alone, it is going to be twice as hard. If you are going to the gym by yourself, it is easy to skip but if you are meeting someone there, it is a lot harder to let someone else down. Don’t do it alone.
  1. Focus on the process not the outcome. It is easy to get discouraged when the results don’t seem be coming as fast as you want. But don’t let that discourage you. Focus on putting one foot in front of the other and trust the process. You will get results.

What does this have to do with investing? Or has the Hayhoe Team become personal trainers?

It’s the same with saving and investing. We start off with such lofty goals but as our income grows, our expenses seem to grow right along with them. Or the markets start to get volatile, we get spooked and want to sell everything and go to cash as we don’t know what’s going on.

The same 2 things apply here:

  1. Work with an Advisor (be sure it is an Advisor and not a Salesperson!!). You are not in this alone. A good advisor will help keep you accountable and put things in perspective.
  2. Have a plan and a diversified portfolio and stick with it. Don’t get influenced by the daily market headline and the latest pundits forecast. Know what you own and why you own it, so you don’t get swayed by the short-term gyrations of the market.

Before we know it 2020 will be rolling around and we will be looking back on how we did in 2019. Put the steps in place now so you can look back with pride and celebrate the accomplishments of 2019 before making new ones for 2020. Don’t do it alone. If you’re struggling, come see us at the Hayhoe Team. We are here to help.


Mike Hayhoe, Senior Investment Advisor – Mandeville Private Client Inc.


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